Many companies will pay through the teeth to motivate a marketing agency to devise the next big Social Media marketing campaign success story.  Whether that is a viral video or news-jacking idea, who cares, as long as we are all talking about it and passing it on to our friends and families through our virtual environments. All the big bands are doing it and all the small ones are looking to emulate their success. That’s the most exciting thing about Social Media marketing. It has created a level playing field for big and small companies.

There are time when our twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with the latest talking point marketing campaign. You know the ones, a 3 minute domino effect of goods toppling their way through a supermarket, or a letter from a 3 year old to a big supermarket. Whatever it is, whether it is a genuine comedy moment or staged theatrics to make you think it was a spur of the moment video clip by some rebellious adolescents, we love engaging in them and sharing the joy with everyone.

It is hard to imagine an agency devising a better way to build brand awareness these days? Well that’s where we would be wrong… Cue the latest, greatest campaign to premier the Social Media scene.

This takes brand awareness and product placement to a whole new level on Social Media.  We have all seen our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds display the odd photo of one of your friends or family members holding a bottle of Coke with the words “Share a Coke with….” and in large letters is displayed their name. The ironic reality of that statement is that the Coke label was not printed specifically so someone could share that bottle of refreshment with the named person, or as in most cases, for you to shamelessly buy a bottle of Coke with your name on it. The fact is, that label was printed specifically so the named person would share the Coca-Cola brand with their entire network of socialmedia-ites. Clever huh?

This genius bit of creative thinking for the campaign which kicked of in 2010, is quite possibly the biggest Social Media marketing success story which the agency responsible, (non other than Ogilvy & Mather in Australia as the main culprit) will ever have in their portfolio. It may even go down as the most successful online marketing campaign so far. The Ogilvy & Mather website probably says all that needs to be said about the thinking behind the campaign.

So lets get our creative heads out of our little creative boxes and think differently, think bigger, think… socially!