London 2012 games have been a real escape for many of us. With team GB lifting the spirits of the public and media alike in the UK, I have found myself marvelling at the way these athletes put themselves through it all. One thing has struck me as a common denominator in every athlete and team. Whether they are competing in a sprint or endurance discipline, individual or team effort, they all have a strategy. It’s the endurance disciplines where us mere armchair athletes get to see the strategies manifest themselves but having competed in various sports I know that even the 100 meter sprinters have a gameplan.  Each country, team and athlete has a goal and to achieve that they have not just one one, but multiple strategies.

The same applies in business and various aspects of business. Each business has a goal, a reward of some sort. It is very difficult to achieve that without mapping out a strategy. That strategy will probably comprise of several strategies but I’m going to focus on one, “marketing” actually I’m going to mention the importance of strategy in one very small but powerful aspect of marketing.

I often hear the term “strategic marketing” being banded about like the one thing marketeers posses which no-one else can without paying a substantial fee to see it in action. The truth is marketing is nothing more than hot air without strategy. Whether you are looking to achieve a short term goal or a long term effect on your business you still need a strategy to get you to that point.

Mooshmedia has found itself in the spotlight of late as a result of our success with socialmedia marketing. I have no doubt in my mind that you have heard of socialmedia and are probably a partaker in the fellowship, if I can call it that. If not then welcome to planet earth 2012. Actually the chances are you stumbled upon this article as a result of social media in some way shape or form.

It’s difficult to know where to start with social media. From a business and marketing perspective I think the key is to detach yourself from your personal use and analyse what it is you would like to achieve from this extremely powerful tool, i.e. set yourself a goal, or several if you have to. Once you’ve done that then just like those athletes, map out the strategy in achieving those goals. Whether it is event awareness, audience growth or brand profile building to name a few, you will need a strategy. Without a strategy you will find yourself deviating from the end goal, getting frustrated and distracted and most definitely find yourself waisting precious little time getting nowhere fast and before long writing it off as a pointless nonsense. The socialmedia realm is often treated in the same way as some businesses view an online presence in that the very fact you have one means you should start to see the money rolling in. It’s a start but that’s all it is. Having a Facebook page for your business does not mean you will suddenly see your brand escalate to a global household name. It still requires the efforts of some simple marketing which you will find a more cost effective form of marketing than the traditional methods. However that marketing still requires strategy.

Strategy is what has seen Mooshmedia succeed in this particular area of marketing at alarming rates. Many socialmedia marketing Sevices will utilise socialmedia based strategies to achieve a socialmedia marketing goal and experience varying degrees of success. We opt for a multi-pronged approach. Socialmedia to Mooshmedia is one of many powerful marketing tools available to us. We have made a concerted effort to employ all, if not most of the tools at our disposal to achieve a socialmedia based goal.  The knock-on effect of this is our success rate is higher and faster. We are acutely aware that socialmedia marketing companies have popped up all over the place. Some more successful than others but most less equipped than established marketing companies who have over the past decade or two, equipped themselves with the tools to allow them to employ the multi-pronged strategy in socialmedia marketing. Take the Team GB cycling team as an example. To help them achieve a gold medal at the games they don’t simply employ cycling only based training methods. They will analyse what it is the athlete needs to go through to optimise and maximise their potential. This will involve endurance excersises, aerobic and anaerobic routines, muscle toning and strength building. It will probably involve a lot of research, psychology and dietary changes and who knows perhaps a bit of ballet – it has been known. Each athlete in every disciple will adopt the same strategy of using multiple tools to maximise their success rate. Marketing is no different.

So remember, the next time you hear an athlete try and explain the blood sweat and tears they have shed, the importance of their training strategy and their gameplay strategy, remember, they have lifted that gold medal as a result of a successful strategy. Employ the mentality in your everyday business life and particularly your marketing initiatives and I have no doubt you will reap the rewards.

If you have any questions or would like to know how Mooshmedia can help your business, then please do get in touch today.