The task

Mooshmedia were asked to come up with something a bit special to tie in with the theme of “Out of This World Security”. Something with a multi-touch aspect. Something which would make an impression on those targeted.

The Solution

What could be more out of the world than Augmented reality? So we built a whole campaign to tie into this incredible technology. A campaign which includes email marketing, direct mail marketing and digital marketing. Through a series of 8 beautifully designed emails, a series of 8 postcards, a microsite, a 3 minute video and an amazing Augmented Reality piece.

Number of emails

Re-branded microstites

Postcards printed

minutes of video

Try the Augmented reality yourself

Step 1

Download the Junaio app to your mobile device.

Step 2

Open the app on your device and tap the “scan” link

Step 3

Click this image to enlarge it and hold your device up to it.

Each aspect


3 minute video

An engaging video animation to help communicate the 5 main product types Palo Alto offer in terms of Cyber Security

Email marketing

A series of 8 emails introducing the campaign and its various product types within the Palo Alto range

Postcard Direct Mail

An A6 postcard with personalisation was mailed out to some of the biggest household names in the UK. The cover of the Postcard was the trigger for the Augmented reality.


To help tie in the multi-touch campaign we created a microsite to help complete the information communication and allow the ability to download more information like Datasheets, Whitepapers and e-books.