Often we can be approached either on the phone, via email or by a door-to-door sales person who is offering a stunning one-off deal for you to advertise in their publication. The deal can often be incredibly luring.

Having worked in the publishing industry for over 12 years, we understand what ticks behind these sales initiatives. Some are genuine publications looking to establish themselves and some are successful scams.What we are all looking for when we spend money on marketing is a Return On Investment or ROI. Nothing is more frustrating than spending money on advertising we never see any come-back on.

Here are our tips to ensure you are doing the right thing.

  1. The 12 month rule: Never take out advertising, advertorial or even editorial out on a publication which has not been in circulation for more than 12 months. This will help you fish out the scamps from the genuine articles. This obviously does not apply if you personally know the individuals running the publication.
  2. Get a copy: It is important that you always obtain a physical copy or more of the publication in question. This will also show it is the genuine article and also show you the quality of production you will be represented in.
  3. Only in writing: Never accept an offer to advertise over the phone, this is how the scammers will get you. Always insist on a media pack through the post.
  4. Pushy? then push-off: Genuine and decent publications tend to have less pushy sales executives. That is because good quality publications will not find it hard to fill the column inches. The pushy sales people tend to be desperate and the long term effect will be the cost of your ad will not generate a lot of interest.
  5. Research: It often doesn’t take long on Google to reveal dodgy publications. Scams will show up in a quick search. If you are still not sure and you have a physical copy in front of you then call up some of the advertisers and ask them about their experiences with that publication. But only ask the advertisers you recognise.

These 5 things will do for you what they have done for us time and time again. They will ensure that the hard earned money you part with, is likely to have a positive effect on your marketing strategy in good quality representation of your precious brand, and it will save you being caught up in the many scams which circulate from time to time.