Much speculation had arisen from the withdrawal of embedding Instagram photo’s from twitter feeds. A decision which many of us were confused by. As we are all aware now, Facebook, in their pursuit to make their business more investable and add more value to their depreciating shareprice, have taken another step towards turning us all into commodities. The bigger picture as to why Facebook bought Instagram for $1bn back in April is starting to reveal it’s ugly head now and shows us that the price they paid for the photo sharing tool is probably not so over valued as we all thought.

Many of us have read the headlines circling the internet in the last 3 days about Instagrams revised privacy policy regarding the photo’s we post on social media using their service. There is no doubt that most of us feel this is a step too far. Mooshmedia have decided that although the photo’s we have posted on Instagram are unlikely to ever be sold to advertisers who wish to use them in their marketing, we don’t agree that the images, despite being taken using their extraordinary tool, should be the sole property of Instagram and Facebook. It does raise the topic once again about privacy on the internet.

Part and parcel of what Mooshmedia provides in the way of Social media Marketing is to advise clients on the legal hurdles and pitfalls of using the services we have all become accustomed to. One of the statements we have continually made to our clients is that by signing up to anything on the internet, whether it is for a new social media account or using services like Dropbox or mobile phone apps, you are releasing information which can be used to the benefit of that organisation or others. Simply using services provided by Google have the same repercussions. We have all become a commodity to be sold on to organisations who wish to entice us to part with our cash.

The internet is by far the most powerful tool used by 35% of the worlds population of 7 billion people. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the market place the internet has created. Supply and demand is something we are all familiar with. What we may not be so familiar with, is the dynamic of supply and demand when it comes to our internet habits, the seemingly insignificant posts we throw on Facebook or the photos we take using Instagram.

Our advice to anyone using the internet for personal or business use is, anything you do, say or publish on the internet has a monetary value to some organisations. Sadly if your business like our’s relies heavily on the internet highways then there is no alternative.

The instagram saga is only the tip of the iceberg yet is a more tangible example of our activities online becoming a valuable asset to those who supply us with the tools and gadgets we thrive on.

  • Take care with the information you enter online.
  • Be aware that everything you do online is more than likely being monitored and harvested.
  • If you are able to, watermark all images before uploading them.
  • Read the small print (if you have the time)
  • A quick search will reveal the worst culprits in privacy exploitation. Do your research before you commit.