So the new Facebook User Interface (UI) and USER EXPERIENCE (UX) changes have been announced. Changes which Mark Zuckerberg refereed to as the foundation for building “the best personalised newspaper” – hold onto that phrase because that could be key to how you maximise it’s potential.

Much has been said in the build up to this about ads being the biggest change of all. Let’s face it, that is where Facebook generates it’s revenue to keep shareholders happy, so that was only ever going to be something which was focused on at some level.

One of the big changes which comes from the personalised magazine idea is the new Feeds. You are now going to have the opportunity to follow the news stories which interest you the most. A bit like RSS feeds filtered directly to your timeline.

Visually the most exciting and also obvious change is the size of visual elements. Photo’s, Video’s and also advertising spaces have become a lot bigger. There is even talk of the opportunity to interact with adverts, which is exciting for advertisers but not so much for the every day user.

One of their driving forces for the changes is to make content more aesthetically pleasing, a strategy to encourage users to spend more time on the site.  This says more about the drop in activity than it does about anything else.

The average user on Facebook spends about six hours every month on Facebook’s desktop site, while mobile users spend nearly 12 hours on the application, according to recent data from researcher comScore Inc.

These are only a few of the changes which we have decided to focus on. At Mooshmedia, we think the changes are what Facebook needs. In saying that, for any business to maximise it’s potential, they are going to have to think visually creatively more than about clever lines to engage their audience. That throws up hurdles for small businesses who may not have the tools to execute such creativity well.

One Marketing expert has predicted that the changes will see a surge in activity which will benefit those who get to grips with the changes the fastest.

We are excited and hope it brings back the drop in Business Page activity.

If you need any help with your social media activity or would like to have a chat about how you could maximise the potential of the forth coming changes, then please give us a call.