After a weekend away with the family and spot of a good old fashioned word game with the children, we returned home to find twitter and Facebook feeds filled with stories of the great American football final, The Super Bowl. It’s a game a understand the principles of but not one I can honestly say gets me as excited as those on social media and beyond.

The one reason I always used to watch the game in the past was the sheer spectacle of product placement, advertising at it’s most expensive and the showmanship of the entire event. As a budding marketer thriving to be in the mix of creativity with huge brand names, I always took time out to see what surprises the Super Bowl presented in the marketing world.

This year, after a four and a half hour journey back from visiting family, the only thing on my mind was my pillow. I have woken up to news of Beyonce lighting up the stage again, yet for me that news is pushed aside by the spectacular online phenomenon of PSY and the “Pistachios – Gangnam Style Super Bowl” advert.

It is a great production and I am sure one which got the American public on their feet during the “commercial break”. At a reported $3.8 million for a 30 second advert, you have to tip your hat to the negotiator of such a deal. PSY is no doubt current and on the tip of most of our lips at least once a month, so it does make sense that a brand name would do what they could to secure his endorsement of their product. Is the American Pistachio industry likely to see a return on that investment? I would imagine so.

But how much more of PSY can we take before we file him under the same category as the “Crazy Frog”? Would big name brands be taking a risk of pulling their profiles into the gutter if they also tried to jump in on the PSY action?

Going back to my weekend away and playing the family classic, hangman, I started to wonder if brands are doing the right thing paying for endorsement from internet phenomenons who are on the verge of pushing the public to insanity. It takes a bold person to make that call.  In this instance, that person has probably earned themselves a promotion and fast tracked to marketing stardom. In another life perhaps the same risk could have had the opposite effect.

This is marketing in the ever growing and seamlessly integrated world of the internet. Is your business leveraging the enormous power online to boost it’s profile?