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Our focus is to get you noticed

The meaning of ‘moosh’

Moosh is a word which is commonly used in the southern regions of Africa to describe something that is of excellent quality, value or unforgettable experience. It is the aim of Mooshmedia to provide services which reflect these very qualities.

Our aim

With a strong background in brand development, along with the experience of working with well known brands, our aim with all our projects is to ensure that whatever the project is and however it is going to be broadcast, your brand is noticed and awareness of your business is maximised.

Working with brands

We are incredibly proud of our achievements in working with some of the most
well known household names and some of the lesser known brands.

Our focus is to get you noticed!

In everything we set out to achieve, our primary focus is to ensure your brand receives maximum exposure with lasting positive impact.

Building brands through…

Email marketing

A fast, cost effective way to build your brand and deliver content direct to your market.

Video marketing

Communicating your message through video marketing is proven to increase information retention by up to 8 times!

Web design and hosting

From small micro sites to large content management websites and commerce sites

Augmented reality

A visually stunning and interactive way to engage with your audience.

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